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Women of all ages can benefit from the masculan® Play pelvic floor muscles trainer and improve theire quality of life considerably.

The pelvic floor muscles are of the utmost importance for a satisfied and joyfull sex life. All women who practice their pelvic floor muscles will recognize the increased supply of oxygen in the pelvic floor. They also will confirm and enjoy the higher stimulation while intimate activities. A longer lasting, more intensive and easier achievable orgasm is usually the result.

Our pelvic floor muscles trainer is developed by professionals to counteract and reduce problems associated with weak pelvic muscles and to create an effective prevention. Already 13% of young women between 16 and 30 years leak a little urine when they laugh, sneeze or cough. Statistically two out of ten women have an inherented weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. A targeted training can counteract this risk of incontinence.

The pelvic floor:

The pelvic floor is a connecting tissue and muscel system. It maintains womb, bladder and anus in correct position. The pelvic floor has three principal duties:

Tensing, relaxing and reflexive resisting (tensing as a reaction on increase of pressure in the abdominal cavity). 

Tensing is important for securing continence of women and men. Thereby the pelvic floor muscles support the urethra, the muscular sphincters of the bladder and the anus.

The pelvic floor relaxes by passing water, bowel movement and female orgasm. During the females orgasm the pelvic floor is pulsating which means that it is tensing and relaxing alternately.

Reflexive resisting of the pelvic floor happens while coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping and carrying, if not it can lead to incontinence.

Benefits for all women

With regular training of the pelvic floor muscles you promote vaginal and rectal health and achieve the following results:

  • Through a better blood circulation you will feel more intensity and stimulation during intimacies with your partner and it will be easier to achieve an orgasm. 
  • Your arousal and your sexual performance will be intensified and improved while being in the act of love.
  • You can prevent hemorrhoids and alleviate existing symptoms.
  • Painful cramps in connection with vaginismus or aching coitus can be aleviated.
  • Reducing the risk of incontinence.


If you are planning to get pregnant you should use the masculan® Play pelvic floor muscles trainer to strengthen your muscles which are involved directly to labour and childbirth. Additionally you can control your bludder better, the loss of the bludder control is a characteristic for pregnancy.

After pregnancy you will recover faster of any cracks and episiotomies if you train your pelvic floor muscles before. 

The connecting tissue and the muscles are overstretched and under high strain during pregnancy. A regular training after childbirth helps you to form back the claimed area.

If you have no specific training during the post-birth period, your pelvic floor will become weak. 

Women before and after the Menopause

During the menopause you can work against loss of elasticity and hormonal changes by using the pelvic floor trainer. Situational and vaginal incontinence can be reduced and existing problems can be alleviated by regular training.

Increase the thickness of your vaginal walls and the natural humidification of your vagina.

Prevent a prolapse of your genital organs and urinary as well as rectal incontinence by working out your pelvic floor muscles with the masculan® Play trainer.

Function and application

According to the excercises developed by Dr. Kegel (also called Kegel excercises) the invisible muscles are trained.

The two 615268_03_0.pngK-BALLS located in the trainer enable a Kegel effect. They help to feel your muscles and give a pressure-resistant object. Around this object the muscles tense and become stronger. Every 615268_03_0.pngK-BALL contains a weight which reacts on fine movements of the body. The kinetic energy stimulates the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles to tense and relax. That guarantees an optimum intimate training. You will feel your pelvic floor muscles getting stronger increasingly.

The exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles are very easy. Choose a low weight at the beginning.

These exercises are used worldwide and are recommended by specialists of various fields, such as gynecologists, urologists and sex therapists.

Step by step:

  • Insert the pelvic floor muscles trainer like an usual tampon (you can use water based lube).
  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles and lift the trainer upwards.
  • Hold the contraction for up to 10 seconds, while taking deep breaths.
  • Release the contraction.
  • Relax and rest for a minimum of your hold time (or for as long as you need).
  • Repeat 10 times for a set.

If this is challenging, reduce your repetitions to an amount that is comfortable for you.

For an efficient workout we recommend to perform minimum one set on three alternate weekdays.

A correctly seated trainer does not involve tensing the abdomen, squeezing the buttocks or straining and pushing down when contracting.

When you feel your muscels getting stronger, then slowly start to use the trainer with a higher weight. With a higher weight you can increase the resistance and use a bigger muscle area for more muscle contraction.

It is very important not to overtax your body and to increase the intensity of the training slowly. Only regular training can achieve best results.

There are four different weights:

  • light 42g (rose)
  • normal 58g (pink)
  • heavy 72g (red)
  • very heavy 92 (black)

All pelvic floor trainers have the same size and because of their small size they are very insert friendly. You can recognize the four different trainers by the colour.

With the masculan® Play pelvic floor muscles trainer you strengthen your muscles effectively. You use it inside of your body during your daily activities.

Because every woman differently enhances their performance, it is important that you work on your personal comfort level. Depending on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and your personal skills, it may take longer for you to use the heaviest weight.

Like all other muscles, the pelvic floor muscles have to be on regular basis in order to stay in good shape. Therefore, we recommend to continue with the Kegel exercises with our pelvic floor muscles trainer in the long term.


The pelvic floor muscles trainer should not be used during pregnancy and the early stages of recovery from childbirth. Also, women who have had genitourinary or pelvic surgery should wait at least six weeks before use. For specific concerns regarding your health, always consult your medical practitioner.

The masculan® Play pelvic floor muscles trainer is made of soft and medical elastomer. The material is verifiably comfortable with the body. 

A warranty of 12 months is guaranteed.


For more safty and comfort the pelvic floor trainer is easy to clean. 

You can significantly extend its operating life while taking good care of the pelvic floor muscles trainer and keep it free from bacteria. Wash it before and after every use with mild soap and warm water and store it in a dry place.

If you should have any questions please contact your medical practitioner, your pharmacist, a sex therapist or our distribution partners.