Mini Vibe Ultra


Frequent intimate activities promote health and the general well-being – disabled both physically and mentally. Sensual stimulations decrease stress and improve blood circulation. The body reacts to intimate thrills/impulses with stimulating the secretion of endorphins and a naturally opiate named Oxytocin. During the orgasm of a woman liberated high doses of oxytocin cause a subsequent phase of relaxation and fatigue. This promotes a sense of close personal ties after a satisfying lovemaking union with the partner.

The MINI VIBE Ultra helps you to love your body more and to have an open and harmonic relationship with your partner. It also increases your self-confidence and attractiveness. You will be happier and more relaxed.

Relax and delight in your own body together with your partner. Take some time for sensuous moments and spoil yourself or let yourself be pampered with the smooth and pleasant Soft-Vibrator oft the latest generation. 

The masculan® Play MINI VIBE Ultra was designed to stimulate the external and internal sex organs during masturbation or during intercourse and counteract frustration and monotony in bed.

This elegant massage device is smooth and body-friendly and it is whole made of a silicone sheath. It combines functionality with good taste design.

The MINI VIBE Ultra combines a whole soft external with powerful noticeable vibrations. It is strictly separate from a lot of other vibrators that just have a thinly silicone film. The MINI VIBE Ultra is optimally adapted to women´s requirements.

The mellow, fluent and flowingly shape garantees a soulful introduction and a soft penetration. Especially sensitive areas will be soulfully stimulated.

The daintily and rounded tip permits an accurate stimulation of the clitoris and the anus. Inserted vaginally the slight bend helps to massage the G-spot more easily - soft or intensive. 

Irrespective of whether you or your partner are experienced or not, the MINI VIBE Ultra guarantees many intimate moments. It is 100% watertight and thanks to the full silicone sheath is very quiet. You can use it under the shower or use it in the bathtub.

It is easy to use and allows choosing between 12 different programs.

8 increased in intensity and 4 different intervals (rhythmic vibration):

  • short-short
  • short-long
  • long-long
  • chaos

You have acquired a high quality product „Made in Germany“. It is demonstrably tested in skin tolerance and mucous membrane compatibility.

You can charge via USB connection or via power plug. Both are included in delivery. As a general rule it has an operating time of approx. 2 hours after it was fully charged (2 hours charge time).

The MINI VIBE Ultra has a maximum diameter of 4 cm and is 15 cm long.

It is recommended to wash it each time it is used with warm water and mild soap and to store it in a dry place. The manufacturer´s warranty is given for 12 months.  

If you should have questions please contact your pharmacy, your doctor, your sex therapist or our distribution partners.