Mini Vibe Classic


MINI VIBE Classic: Discreet and very stimulating

Frequent intimate activities promote health and the general well-being – disabled both physically and mentally. Sensual stimulations decrease stress and improve circulation. The body reacts to intimate impulses with stimulating the secretion of endorphins.

The MINI VIBE Classic is a new and elegant massager for external use. Bring more satisfaction into your love life. Numerous studies show that the majority of female orgasms can be achieved through clitoral stimulation. Give more attention to this area. The new masculan® Play MINI VIBE Classic will help you.

It is intended primarily for the stimulation of the clitoris and the vaginal opening during masturbation or sexual intercourse. The tingling vibrations stimulate and improve/encourage circulation, your sensitivity in these regions e.g. of the intimate zone will be encouraged. The arrow-shaped notch on the bottom-side makes the MINI VIBE Classic  extremely pliable and flexible. It is made of high-quality body compatible Soft Touch Elastomer. It feels extremly pleasant.

It is specially designed for women and snuggles perfectly on the female vulva.  The groove structure of the external battery compartment ensures additionally an intensive stimulation of the clitoris. The vibrations of the MINI VIBE Classic are powerful and penetrating even though quiet.

During the love-play alone or with your partner the MINI VIBE Classic is at least as exciting as an extensively full body massage. Besides the genital area, the earlopes and the nipples and the inner legs turn out to be additional erogenous zones that can be stimulated with the MINI VIBE Classic as well. Explore your body and find new erogenous zones.

It is a charming but also exciting massage device with an attractive design. The shape of a fig leaf gives the MINI VIBE Classic a discreet elegance which makes it to an aesthetically  and subtly companion. The exciting vibrations swing up to the end of the fig leaf stalk and make the little massage device to an irresistibly Must-Have for every stylish and libidinous woman.

Please note that the vibration mechanism is not waterproof, the battery compartment must be removed before cleaning. Clean your MINI VIBE Classic massager after use with mild soap and warm water and keep it dry. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents such as acetone, alcohol or gasoline.

Do not use the massager in inflammation or sores in the genital area. In cases of pregnancy or after surgery in the genital area please contact your doctor.

Batteries are included so the MINI VIBE Classic is immediately ready for use.

The MINI VIBE Classic normally lasts 10 till 15 uses (with the delivered batteries).

A 12-month manufacturer's warranty is provided.