The new product line masculan® Play has been designed specifically for women who are increasingly under stress in our todays society. This harms the general well-being, but especially the health. Coupled with sexual frustration and a lack of sexual satisfaction most women are left alone with this problem.

German experts have now succeeded in developing a new product line that promotes exactly this aspect of women's health and general well-being. Emotional stress is counteracted and chronic fatigue is fought. The libido will be stimulated and a noticeable balance will be achieved. In addition, the trust in a relationship can be increased, which also comes to the relationship benefit.

The Maculan® Play line consists of several products that are designed for intimate use. It consists of pelvic floor trainers in several weight classes, the MINI VIBE claasic and the MINI VIBE Ultra. The products are elegant, ergonomically designed and stimulating in many ways.

Regular exercises with the pelvic floor trainers act preventively, various diseases are counteracted and a better blood flow in the abdomen is given. Involving more intense feeling and perception during lovemaking. The orgasm of the woman is trained and encouraged.

The vibrations and the ergonomic shape of the MINI VIBE Classic and MINI VIBE Ultra help each woman to re-discover her body. Various stimulations are possible - alone or with the partner. Stress reduction is promoted. With regular use increasing relaxation is the result. The general well-being is enhanced. Women learn to know their body better and radiate more attractive.

The product line is manufactured under stringent quality controls and safety requirements. The products are made from medical material and are also tested for body and mucous membrane.

Special attention in the development was given to the ease of use and the easy care of the products. The masculan® Play line combines innovation with modern design and is adapted to the needs of each woman perfectly.